2017 Honda CR-V

So, can you guess what vehicles do owners keep the longest?  It was not surprising as the auto research firm iSeeCars.com reported that a third of owners hold on to their cars for a decade.  Of the top 10 four were Honda’s.  What placed #1 in this research?  Yep, you probably guessed it as the Honda CR-V won toke the honors.  That really was a no-brainier as the CR-V has always ranked high in reliability, owner satisfaction and styling.

2017-honda-cr-v-fv-forbesIt is very easy to find out why this compact SUV Honda is so popular.  Just visit one with the friendly folks at Fenton Honda of Ardmore today!

You would think Honda engineers wouldn’t want to change this best-selling CR-V.  But they did and added convenience, technology, refinements and even offers for the first time a strong turbocharged engine.  This CR-V for 2017 also grew in size as it is wider, wider, taller and even a little bit longer.  Which makes for a more spacious interior.  On top of that this redesigned fifth generation CR-V is just drop dead gorgeous with its aerodynamic sleek looking styling.  This new Honda will attract attention wherever it goes or parks.

Already recognition is starting to flow in from car critics and writers.  For example, Car &Driver has awarded the CR-V the Best Compact SUV for 2017.  They said: “The 2017 CR-V gets so many things right that it’s hard to image a better-rounded package”.   But, don’t take anyone’s word for it and do your own due diligence and put yourself behind the wheel with a test drive.  You will agree that this new CR-V is roomier, safer, more powerful and even more luxurious.  A compact SUV you would be proud to leave in your driveway.  A closer look reveals a brighter grill will available LED lights and high mounted lights that wrap around the tailgate.  Even the twin exhaust pipes makes a sporty statement.

cr-cars-inline-2017-honda-cr-v-pr-int-10-16When you slide into the CR-V’s wide and comfy seats, you will appreciate the new upscale features in the larger interior.  Upgrade to the higher models and experience downright luxury in terms of appointments and technology.  On the test drive, you will also experience a quiet and controlled ride.

What could be powering you down the road may be the tried and true perky 2.4-liter four cylinder that delivers 184 horses with a quick off the block 180 lb-ft of torque.  The other great choice is the new 1.5-liter turbocharged four that lets lose 190 lively horses and 179 lb-ft of torque that comes with a low rpm to scoot you and yours around traffic.  It lives for lights that turn green.  This new turbo will let you cruise by those gas pumps with an EPA 30 overall and an awesome 29 in all-wheel-drive.  Both power-plants are mated with a Continuous Variable Transmission that is programmed by Honda to imitate a conventional step-gear automatic.

Everything just comes together by owning a Honda CR-V compact crossover SUV.  It is very easy to understand why it has been for so many years a top-selling vehicle as its owners just love to drive it and also to be seen in.  Go ahead and check the new CR-V out at http://www.fentonhondaofardmore.com today!  They can place a CR-V in your garage no matter what your budget is or desire for style.  You will also discover what excellent customer service is about.




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