2017 Honda Ridgeline

A great deal of attention was paid to the 2017 Honda Ridgeline and of course this is just what Honda wanted. Even though some people did criticize it later on but still they felt the need to own the vehicle. There is no doubt it has been popular and now Honda are offering it with some tailgate options that are just crazy.


The 2017 Honda Ridgeline offers comfort that is second to none along with many passive and active safety features, the largest cab and the longest truck bed among the midsize segment. It also comes with lots of entertainment and personal connectivity choices.

Now you can add on tailgate choices for a high price of course. You can go for the bed-wall-integrated stereo system offering 600 watts. If you want to have plenty of power for the 110-volt power tool, flat screen or the drink blender you could go for the 400-watt power invertor. It doesn’t end there as there is also the ultimate ice chest and trunk that is hidden and you have everything that you need to enjoy the best camping trip ever.

As before, the interior of the Ridgeline positively embarrasses the competition. It feels enormous and comfortable front and rear. The flip-up rear seat remains, providing yet another yawning, weather-protected storage cavity when raised and hiding up to 2.9 cubic feet—enough for at least one golf bag—beneath seated passengers. The primary storage location, the bed, now is four inches longer than before, at 64 inches.


For more information at Fenton Honda of Ardmore 1655 N. Rockford Rd Ardmore, Oklahoma or give us a call at 580-223-2799 today!



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